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What I have learnt so far during the 4 AM challenge

It’s about 2 weeks into this challenge (waking up at 4 am every day), and this is what I have learnt so far:

1. You have about one extra hour per day
2. You substitute unproductive evening time for productive morning time
3. It gives you an opportunity to focus more energy on your career/exercise/passion projects
4. It calms work anxiety; you feel more prepared for the day ahead
5. You might sacrifice family time (danger!)

I will elaborate on these points once I have completed the challenge.
I encourage anyone who can’t seem to find the time for work/exercise/creative projects to give this concept a try. Even if you just have that extra hour a day to plan your schedule you might find that you unlock even more time.



Look ahead to the mountains and wipe away those irritating flies at your side. The time is ripe as ever to make your minutes count. It is a very big crime to ‘kill time’, that is: to sleep in until the zenith of the morning and to sit at home like the lethargic and sated coach potatoes we sometimes are. For many years I have been committing the sleeping-crime, and now when I look back I scratch my head with disdain at all those minutes I have squandered. Now I make sure that every one counts. I’ll be using my time to explore and delve deeper into my hobbies.




Too little of his company makes

even the rational turn from sanity

running circles in triangular boxes

seeking fire in seas and stormy weather.


Too much of his flavour leaves

a pungent reek in your eyes –

days upon days, cripples and dies

minutes remain untouched.


Time and sleep are fighting

for our glinting souls.

Sleep, a peculiar fellow,

with seductive smile a

strong, undeniable grip.

But his power will not last,

once Man has direction:

a conquest over inertia.


Francois Hermanus Steyn – 2012