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#5 – Transportation with a Twist

During our Magaliesburg hike at Rustig this weekend we spotted a kettle of vultures, drifting in the wind with wings spread; using nature’s air currents as their mode of transport.


Note: editing RAW comes in handy. The accentuation of the clouds created the dramatic effect that I wanted. All in the name of art and expression.


The Mighty

The start of the lunar eclipse… taken on 15 June 2011.

People like to moan and complain about many things. About their life, their routines, their job, their country. If you have something on your mind that really irks you, and you want to change it, or improve it; it does not help to just stay passive. Some problems have solutions called ‘initiative’. It is much the same with on-line petitions. Are you really fighting for a cause when you click the LIKE button on a group named ‘The movement of a righteous, moral and just cause’? Or, are you merely sitting on your bum, clicking on random buttons and not actively doing something?

Be the difference.

The Mighty

Today an idle hand

Swayed the thoughts of others;

Those timid followers

Whose time is spent

Leveling the rocky road…

Powerful men die alone

In their oceans of gold,

Although their visions had

Collected the drops one by one

A pledge to loneliness taken

Upon the godforsaken summit

Where they dwell with eagles

Lonely wings beating the sky –

This is the life of the mighty

And the reason the lands

Are kept barren and dry.

The idle hand is needed

To cease the idle mind

Written 2008 – Francois Hermanus Steyn

Thabazimbi Sunset

I was on a friend’s farm near Thabazimbi in the Limpopo province, when I took this picture of the sun nestling in the fork of the branches of this majestic tree. The sky was painted with beautiful crystal blues and warm oranges and reds. The scene was powerfully calm and serene.


I wrote this poem in 2010. It is a sombre poem and has a figurative meaning that can apply to many things such as relationships, personal goals, morals etcetera.

The important thing is to compose yourself, and to find the resolution and determination to shake that cold from your shoulders.




It’s hard to shake this cold

From weary, broken shoulders

The crystals of frost bite

Deeply without relent

Leaving their bloody mark

This ship is moving into the dark


The sky is painted by the sun

As it nears the golden rim

Of the earth’s cold crust

The air is arid, filled with dust

The relief will come with black

Stars settling into the cracks


It’s hard to shake this weariness

From cold, broken shoulders

Don’t go into the setting sun

Alas, beseeching falls from the cliff

This ship is lost without its compass

Lost without its beacon : stars


The dead of night is calm –

Owls fill the deadly sky

Sure to feast on this heart’s

Aimless wandering rats

They’re stricken with panic

Dealing with this fear, titanic


It’s hard to shake this cold

From weary, broken shoulders

Barring logic’s flow with boulders

Embers of the heart, smoulders

It’s hard to shake this cold

It’s hard to shake this cold


Written 2010 – Francois Hermanus Steyn