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Day out at Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay. Crystal clear blue skies. A enchanting light house. A mainly jovial atmosphere. There is much one can do at this little coastal town: boat rides to observe an island populated by seals, sunset cruises with BEER and cocktails in hand, to dining on freshly caught fish at sea’s edge. Go visit the lighthouse, snorkel with baby sharks or just grab a light bite overlooking the port, counting tankers or yachts.

Mossel Bay Light House

We came across a tiny shark shop that contained various items to buy, from shark-tooth necklaces to soft toys of penguins. One can also snorkel with baby (small / tiny / not life threatening) sharks for a R100 – the Shark Shop also offer shots and videos of your experience.


We went to the docks in search of fresh fish to braai and later came across a ‘fish factory’ that provided ‘the best prices to the public’. It is there that I stumbled across a local Afrikaans rapper’s braai sauce in the shop (Jack Parow, HOSJA).

Parow Braaisous, Sexy Korrek, Built to Blêrrie Braai.





Brenton-on-sea is a beach near Knysna that attracts an abundance of paragliders. The natural outcrop of landmass close to the sea creates perfect conditions for paragliders to leisurely drift up and down the shore line with seemingly stable and meek wind currents. I counted nine gliders in this shot.

9 high fliers

On the left edge of the beach there is body of rock that one can climb onto with relative ease. It provides natural protection to the elements and gives a good view of the surrounding sea, beach and gliders.

the castle

It is on this rock ‘castle’ that I came across a pair of birds that started calling wildly as soon as I started my exploration. They did not leave the castle and it quickly dawned on me that they must be protecting their young. Further investigation and furious calls led me to their solitary young chick that was being brought up between a few cracks and crevices. protective parents

Divided Sentiment



A year of divided sentiment.

A mixed journey of ups and downs.

A bittersweet, winding road that had some unexpected twists and turns.

Some dreams and ambitions diverged whilst others converged, but ultimately there was little coalesence.

It is as though this year has built up to a forked road in the next year. 

I will not be overly fond of 2012, yet I feel that this was a significant year that shaped and pummeled and formed both mercilessly and genorously.

The Voyage

This poem is about a dramatic event  in a person’s life – more specifically it is about a tragic end to a freshly tied knot.

There are many life-changing events that can occur in one’s life: terminal illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce etc.

These events fundamentally shake us to the core. It is like getting smacked in the face with a brick while out walking on a brilliant summer’s day.

There comes a time when we all embark on this voyage.

Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Grief – Acceptance



The Voyage


The tranquil bay echoed the lapping waves

softly unfolding onto a snow white beach

The moon was beaming at the tied knot:

the lovers’ swing and sway and sincere kiss

This was the night that was heaven, pure bliss


Peeling thunder ripped the heavens in two,

as waves ripped the screaming lovers apart

the moon was blanketed with a tempest

twin voices were drowned out, muted

And so began the day that he now refuted


He sat on the white beach until the sun shone.

And continued until the sad moon arrived.

His eyes were glazed over as he searched

for the peace of his now bleeding heart

turmoil and disbelief was prying it apart


On the second day he cursed the heavens

hurling his voice into an apathetic wind

sand pierced his lonely and bloodshot eyes

renouncing his religion, he began his voyage

with clenched fists, ready to kill, to pillage


Unkempt beard was the stranger on his face

with whom he would talk in cracked mirror

he would sacrifice his world for another day

in the arms of his bride, just for one more kiss

to feel that moment again: unbounded bliss


The dam wall cracked and burst. Tears flowed.

It was the sorrowful song his life now adopted

his hands were broken, his lips were cracked

his voice hoarse and shaken: deathly night came

Grief that came to paralyze and to maim


On top of the grassy hill with lush panorama

he places the daisies in the clear blue vase

a wry smile now touches his scarred face

as he is content with the crispy realization

that in heaven they would join hearts once more


Francois Hermanus Steyn – September 2012


Seven Days at Sea


 This is a picture of False Bay as seen from Strand in Cape Town, taken in April 2011.

False bay as viewed from Strand

My family and I spent a lovely two weeks on the western tip of South Africa, soaking in the sights and sounds that this wonderful place has to offer. We visited a rainy, grey and windy Waterfront, popped into the quaint and friendly aquarium, visited relatives in Bellville and even spent a night out on the town. Wine was also on the agenda, and it did not take long for us to visit wine estates in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, enjoying a cheese platter at the former (with a glass of merlot obviously) and tasting wine at the latter. A serene and laid-back atmosphere reigns in this part of our country, and what more could one desire apart from wine, sea and mountains?


Seven Days at Sea


For seven days the old man gazed at the wrinkled sea

Pondering about times slipped by and what he still could be

Eyes squinted at the tranquil bay, nostrils flared with salt

Barely seeing the winking horizon, bringing his soul to a halt



Time has evaded his old hand too shrewdly for his own liking :

The world had much still to offer, he longed for the beauty striking

Alas he felt his weary bones creak and gave in to its soft cry

He remained silent, lonely, ready to be taken to his coffin’s lie



He breathed in the freshness, his lungs content at peace

As the dark clouds came sliding in, trumpeting out its disease

Dark curtains of ashen water fell to the tranquil, sleepy bay

It became a legend of note, the black water of that day



Still the man sat on that drenched bench, water pouring from heaven

As he rested on the last day of his life, completing the seven

Lightning thrilled the sky and monstrous waves crushed the rocks

As nature gave an ode to this old man, or a subtle mock?



The wrinkled face crumpled as it was consumed by the sea :

It dawned that there was none more he could be –

For he has pondered too long on the trivial in life

And so consumed by a life half content, half strife


August 2009 – Francois Hermanus Steyn