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Wondrous Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

On my way to work I spotted the Faerie Glen nature reserve, nestled next to one of the big “streets” of Pretoria. It is almost surreal to walk within this gem of nature, and I like to think of the reserve as an oasis in an otherwise bustling city.

The reserve has three different hiking trails that one can choose from and a few lovely spots like the Weaver’s Nest along the river that leisurely winds through the reserve. With a R5 coin as entrance fee, one can inexpensively spend the whole day exploring the reserve, but just be sure to take a hat, water and some sunscreen as protection against Pretoria’s unforgiving heat.


A bee sticking his face into a lovely purple flower:



Nature in the city:

Pathway 1


There are some lovely scenes you will encounter:

Pathway 2


A variety of plant life will keep the enthusiastic snapper happy:

Purple Flower


Even the lone sunflower makes an appearance:



White flowers:

White Flowers


Sometimes the trail gives way to cool and secluded dens that only gnomes and fairies can dream about:

Tree & Fungi


Weavers’ nests hanging above the cool stream:

Weaver's Nest

Be sure to check out this picturesque gem if you find yourself in Pretoria. A good way to find interesting places to visit in Pretoria is through the city’s website http://www.tshwane.gov.za/Services/Nature%20Conservation/Pages/default.aspx. Next on my list is Groenkloof (definitely going to take my mountain bike along for the ride).