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Double-edged Mobile

Double-edged sword; behold the social media revolution. Now capable of organizing riots in minutes; we don’t need no secret documents, just send a BBM, we’ll bomb stuff. We don’t need no education – money buys instant education – ignorance is bliss. People are infamous for being able to organize. Sometimes the most intricate plans are disguised with a mask of madness or chaos. But still I think that the revolting youth in England was a mere symptom of a deeper, underlying problem in society: the decay of moral values and the degeneracy of religion in the world.

The social media is a very powerful tool: thousands of people can pull together to search for a lost friend, or pull together to torch buildings and spread chaos. On that note – it is quite ironic that the epitome of western civilisation and chivalry and gentry has fallen into such moral decay, where people have millions of rights, but no sense of responsibility. Almost makes South Africa look like a civilised place.

A tool is only as powerful, or moral, as the people who have been given the power to use it. Give weapons to a bunch of monkeys and a world war is sure to ensue… or two… Hail the capitalistic and lawless and amoral and intricate world [sic].

We, the men of the maze

Follow the jagged trail,

through ragged maze

and misty blinding haze

until you die and fail.


These eyes are empty

bowls of endless black

fading from fierce attack,

from direst cruelty.


The mind is a weapon:

the greatest weakness

rendering the heart beat-less

closing the gates of Heaven.


We are naught but rats trapped in a maze

Blindly fighting each other in the misty haze


Written 2008 – Francois Hermanus Steyn