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Racism must fall | Stop the chanting

South Africa is breaking my heart. Politics is driving a wedge between our diverse society. We are seeing different groups of people (the minority, the working class, the poor, the wealthy etc etc) banding together in solidarity – all of them chanting┬áthat racism must fall.

It is so ironic – to have groups chant the same thing (racism must fall), but nothing is actually happening. We are chanting that racism must fall, but we are not doing anything to make racism fall. I say we should stop chanting and that we should start holding hands. Start with your colleagues and in your neighbourhoods.

Chanting in Isolation

We chant and chant

Racism must fall!

Stand united!

We chant and chant

And they chant and chant

In their camps of white

In their camps of black

In their camps of indian

They chant and chant

We must stand together!

Lest we fall

We fail to realise that

We are already on our backs

As we chant and chant

In our isolated camps

Everyone is chanting on their own

In their solidarity

No-one is taking the helm

Too many are trying to take the helm

Politics can only serve

To keep us divided

Divided by race

Divided by ideals

Divided by wealth


We are divided by calls for unity

We can only be bound together

When we stop the chanting

When we start holding hands


February 2016 | Francois Hermanus Steyn