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Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

Come put your feet up weary traveler
Come wipe your glistening brow
Take respite from your toil and trouble
From your banal monotonous life
Step through the whimsical window and
Leave behind your cross and worries
Come look at the wares I offer
The goods, the gods your heart so desire
Let the numbing smoke fill your lungs
The sickly, sweet aroma of your pipe dream
Come enter the maze of your childhood dreams
Removed from all earthly responsibility
This opium is your divine right!
Anything is possible within this dream world
You need but inhale: the smoke, the fire
Let your eyelids fall like pillars of lead

This pipe will be your lullaby
Your escape from reality
And the chains holding you fast

Francois Hermanus Steyn – 2014