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Freezing Dam(n)

The Vaal dam is freezing cold in winter, inside and out. But the respite this place offers after a hectic semester is brilliant: all you do is chill out, watch rugby, play darts, stay warm in the Jacuzzi, braai and ride four-wheeler. I’m pretty sure the chill has something to do with the large body of cool water cooling down the surrounding air – thank goodness for the Jacuzzi. Close by is a little town named Oranjeville, which basically consisted of a church, police station and liquor store. Good trip.

I think our country offers us so much beauty that we can explore and that we need to organize more road trips and stop taking our country for granted, forget about globetrotting and the Eifel Tower – just give me the Vaal dam, a boat and some skis. You can’t Google skiing with your mates on the Vaal dam, now can you?  I want to travel from Durban to Cape Town, checking out the sights and sounds, stopping at little, desolate towns to share a beer with the locals. We have it all right under our noses: the big five, mountains, see, sand, the Karoo and culture that varies like the colours of the rainbow. Let’s drink it in.