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Chinese Lanterns

On new year’s eve we had some epic failures at lighting chinese lanterns. The wind was quite strong on the beach and our first attempt went up in flames after the lantern moved sideways rather than up into the heavens. We decided to try again on a relatively windless night.


These lanterns are pretty much just a large thin bag with a piece of fire lighter attached to wire at the bottom. Our second attempt probably climbed 30 metres into the night sky before catching fire and consequently landed in our neighbour’s yard. That fuel block blazed like hell and could have burned down the whole of Glentana.


Third time proved to be the charm and we watched the lantern dwindle to the size of a star in the night sky.

Light's Two Faces


Overlooking Mossel Bay

The view from our rented house at Glentana. Mossel Bay is to the left. The streaks of light marring the clouds are Chinese lanterns.

People dotted the beach around their fires. A festive and relaxed atmosphere dominated the evening.

A firework exploded right above us, tainting the lens with a fiery red sheen.

Divided Sentiment



A year of divided sentiment.

A mixed journey of ups and downs.

A bittersweet, winding road that had some unexpected twists and turns.

Some dreams and ambitions diverged whilst others converged, but ultimately there was little coalesence.

It is as though this year has built up to a forked road in the next year. 

I will not be overly fond of 2012, yet I feel that this was a significant year that shaped and pummeled and formed both mercilessly and genorously.

A New Year

A new year has come and landed on our shoulders. So much anticipation and hope fills my heart. There is an abundance of projects to take on, new things to try out and goals to aim at. A new year is a new start to many of us; a way to wipe that filthy and inadequate slate clean. It’s a new year where we discard habits that aren’t beneficial, we want to experience more and to drink of the wine of life.

May your 2012 offer you life-changing opportunities, through hard work or chance.

May you pick the fruit of life and discard the rotten ones.

May you expand your capacity for compassion and empathy this year: may you learn to walk in others’ boots and not to lash out at others in ignorance.

May you indulge in all the beautiful things that life has given you, but without turning a blind eye to all the evil and injustice in the world.

May you appreciate every second that you have been granted on this earth.

May you appreciate every hot meal you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, surrounded by irreplaceable family and friends.

May you avoid frivolous quarrels and rebuild bridges unceremoniously burnt.

May you mean more and more to those around you, may you be a shoulder to cry on, or a source of laughter.

May you strengthen the foundation of existing friendships, through leisurely times shared.

May you live without restraint and drink Life to the lees.

Location: Game farm near Rustenburg

Canon 350D – f/6.3 – 1/640 sec – 300mm