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#1 – Small Pleasures

I struggled with this topic. The first thing that popped into my mind was coffee – that morning brew that kicks my morning into gear. But how do you take an interesting picture of something ordinary? Herein lies the challenge of a seemingly mundane topic. For me it is all about finding that unique perspective / composition that tells an interesting story – but at the end of this challenge I kind of slipped into the mundane and did not really convey a interesting or unique picture.

There were quite a few ideas that sprang to mind, but what really stood out to me were i) hobbies ii) spending time with people. Another spin on the topic could have been: what are the universal small pleasures that cuts across cultures and borders? A father holding his daughter’s hand. A child blowing bubbles and the way parents delight in the company of their children. The time I spent with my dad taking photos in Braam or in our neighbourhood.

I ended up going with my guitar (but I am not 100% happy with the picture, because I don’t feel that it really tells a proper and unique story). Maybe for the next topic I will spend more time brainstorming before posting.




Music of the Soul

With so much dissonance in the world; between people, ideals, culture and countries, it is quite a blessing to find someone with whom you can share a song in harmony. Friends, lovers and family are the resonance that a heart yearns for, and once found, should be kept dear and cherished as long as their candles cast light into the world. A shared view, opinion or ideal often leads to grooves that become deeply etched within the heart, reinforced with unbounded empathy.

Keep these people close to breast and handle with care, for they provide happiness that people more often than not overlook in their quests for frivolous personal “success” or wealth. Rather build your wealth on the foundation of compassion than the empty dreams of worldly treasures.


Music of the Soul


The soul has an abundance of shapes and sounds

   Camouflaged by different hues like a chameleon –

Varying shades keep secrets: steadfast masks

   Changing as quick as pose requires new balance.

The outer defence of Man is intricate and vast

   Concealing a myriad of mazes deep within.


Music escapes your young lips, leaking from your heart

   Into the eager, anxious folds of listening ear and mind.

Music of the soul escapes inertia and shackles,

   Entering the air in a crash of words and stutters

My gaze upon your eye causes unforgettable flutter

   Of weakened knee and pounding heart: my mask slipping


One cannot deny the pure accords that resonate.

   One cannot deny the octave that brings tear to eye.

Blinding beauty is possessed by Hearts’ duet, causing

   Facade to crack and splinter, as harmony becomes pure.

Pieces of the puzzle fit together in this ode, this song

   Tribute to life and fire and peace and harmony


Francois Hermanus Steyn – April 2012