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Nature’s Simple Beauty

Aloes produce some of the most beautiful flowers. This is a flower from the Aloe succotrina (or Fynbos aloe as commonly known). Altough one can find these aloes primarily in the Western Cape, we happen to have a few in our garden.

Mother Nature is harsh, simple, beautiful.

Flowers, mountains, sea and wild animals.

Raw power, gentle whispers of the wind, rain.

The bringer of Life, of Death.

Refuge and the hunting grounds.

Chaos and order, anarchy and hierarchies.

Red to violet, white to black.

Mother Nature is the destroyer.

Mother Nature is the giver.

We live hand in hand with Mother Nature; and yet we are blinded by avarice. We are greedy and selfish human beings; we burn down forests for coin and we rape Mother Nature for coin. We are the mighty who trample on Earth to get our way, and then we trample on each other to reach the top of Gold Mountain. Mother Nature never forgets, like an elephant, and she will one day slap us across the face with her mighty trunk and surely without remorse.  She will gore us with her tusks of ivory, reclaiming the debt we owe her – for every ounce of ivory we have hacked away from her and then hung shamelessly and proudly on our chests. She will avenge every sick trophy we nail to our wall – and we will pay with blood.

How does one define mutualism?