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A photo of our residence’s mascot / symbol / statue chilling busy grazing or chilling beneath a Serengeti tree (oh and it’s a rhino). Normally it isn’t painted like a zebra; but a stubborn, strong and powerful grey.

Home is where the heart is. I live in a hostel at the University of Pretoria, thus I have two homes: an academic one and my real home. The common things my homes share are; food, friendship, a hierarchy of power (just like any system or institution in the world) and laughter.

The camaraderie in our hostel is awesome and there is a clear sense of purpose felt with the joint identity we all share. It is like we are our own little country, governed by ourselves and obviously influenced by external factors (we can’t just do what we want to!) – like Tuksres and other Western traditions and ideals. It is amazing to see a bunch of diverse people coming together and make the best of this little universe. Obviously today we are much more liberal and we have lots of room to express our individualities: therefore no boot camp and brainwashing.

But yes, life in a residence is not to everyone’s taste, or everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are better off in a commune or flat. Some people just have to fight and rebel against any sort of ‘forced’ hierarchy or dependence (but they do not realize that the whole world is based on this – the name of almost every game in the world is: adapt or die). I believe that I too will move into a commune someday, but that the things I learnt in my home in Pretoria will always stay with me, and I will always be grateful to have been given an in-depth course of time management, respect for others and being a gentleman and brothers I could always rely on (just to name a few).

We play sport together, we study together, and we party together!