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2019 Challenges – January – pushups

So, 2019 has kicked off and we are almost done with JanuWORRY. We have received the January paycheck (hopefully you have!) and now we can start paying off some of that December holidaying credit card debt.

Some people have “new year’s resolutions” and some people don’t. I have a low success rate when it comes to new year’s resolutions, so I thought it would be interesting to try something different for 2019. The thing that I am trying out isn’t something that is novel or super unique – because let’s be honest, most of our ideas and spurts of creativity are in some ways birthed by others. There are things, people and events that INSPIRE us. So how unique can our ideas or creative projects really be, given that they are a reflection of the impression or inspiration that was passed to us through others?  Don’t get me wrong, I really do think that art and creativity are very important mediums and methods of expressing the way we feel and think about situations. Art can also be used as a tool to document a social or cultural state, or a tool to communicate certain things. I digress.

My new year’s resolution is to do a month-long challenge for every month of 2019. I will be documenting my challenges through videos, pictures and writing. I am hoping to post some of the experiences that I have had on these challenges on Youtube, and this would enable me to satisfy my yearning to produce videos/films/stories.

My January challenge is to do 100 pushups every day for a whole month. At day 26 (26 January) I am still going strong and have not missed a day of pushups. It is an easy exercise that requires almost no investment – all that you have to do is put in some time! I have filmed most of my sets and also a few of the thoughts that I have had whilst doing this challenge. I will be posting a final video about this challenge in early February.

I will have lots of time to edit my videos in February, as this particular month’s challenge will entail waking up at 4 am every single day. I want to see just how productive I can be by adopting this early-riser lifestyle.

So far my challenges for the year are:

  1. January – Do 100 Pushups per day
  2. February – Waking up at 4 am every day
  3. March – Run 5 times per week (minimum of 3km)
  4. April – No sugar or pizza
  5. May – Intermittent fasting
  6. June – Read a book every week (4 books for the month)
  7. July – Document the food that I eat
  8. August – Eat only salads for lunch
  9. September – No social media
  10. October – Run a 10km every week
  11. November – Draw the human face every day (self portrait perhaps?)
  12. December – Daily gratitude journal

In addition to the challenges above, I will be doing year long challenges, which include:

  1. Taking a selfie every day in order to stitch together an epic time lapse for 2019
  2. Taking a 1 sec video every day in order to stitch together an epic video of 2019

Let’s see how it goes!




I was recently introduced to a youtube channel that took my brain for a joyride. Jason Silva produces a web series called “Shots of Awe” and it is basically the injection of inspiration you need amidst the banality of an 8 to 5 life. The series presents thought-provoking ideas and philosophies and it presents the viewer with a challenge – life is lived at the edge of your comfort zone – human beings are addicted to new things – we are drawn to the aesthetic – we have a insatiable hunger for creativity and the artist’s visions. We  must go out, explore and be inspired by the world. You don’t need to live a perfect life, that’s not the point. The point is to revel in the beauty and the inspiration life provides us.


Shots of awe:





For countless moons this bear has hibernated –

Shackled to the granite floor of his mind,

Unable to find a window, an exit, doorknob

A slave to Western avarice and ideology


Sometimes he sees fleeting,

Haunting images of love lost

Of glinting olive eyes

In muted, starless night

Apathy, indifference had frozen artist within

And had tainted clear eyes with paralysis


In testing voyage the bear has slowly learnt

The difference between wasted loneliness

And the invigorating strength

Of liberating solitude –

He now wakes from his slumber,

Ravenous and with boundless thirst


It is time to shake the burden, the cross

To traverse the edge of complacency’s warmth

To destroy himself in order to transcend

And escape the banalities of mundane life


The bear has been roused

To become the philosopher

To become the voyager

To become the artist reborn


Francois Hermanus Steyn – 2014