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The Voyage

This poem is about a dramatic event  in a person’s life – more specifically it is about a tragic end to a freshly tied knot.

There are many life-changing events that can occur in one’s life: terminal illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce etc.

These events fundamentally shake us to the core. It is like getting smacked in the face with a brick while out walking on a brilliant summer’s day.

There comes a time when we all embark on this voyage.

Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Grief – Acceptance



The Voyage


The tranquil bay echoed the lapping waves

softly unfolding onto a snow white beach

The moon was beaming at the tied knot:

the lovers’ swing and sway and sincere kiss

This was the night that was heaven, pure bliss


Peeling thunder ripped the heavens in two,

as waves ripped the screaming lovers apart

the moon was blanketed with a tempest

twin voices were drowned out, muted

And so began the day that he now refuted


He sat on the white beach until the sun shone.

And continued until the sad moon arrived.

His eyes were glazed over as he searched

for the peace of his now bleeding heart

turmoil and disbelief was prying it apart


On the second day he cursed the heavens

hurling his voice into an apathetic wind

sand pierced his lonely and bloodshot eyes

renouncing his religion, he began his voyage

with clenched fists, ready to kill, to pillage


Unkempt beard was the stranger on his face

with whom he would talk in cracked mirror

he would sacrifice his world for another day

in the arms of his bride, just for one more kiss

to feel that moment again: unbounded bliss


The dam wall cracked and burst. Tears flowed.

It was the sorrowful song his life now adopted

his hands were broken, his lips were cracked

his voice hoarse and shaken: deathly night came

Grief that came to paralyze and to maim


On top of the grassy hill with lush panorama

he places the daisies in the clear blue vase

a wry smile now touches his scarred face

as he is content with the crispy realization

that in heaven they would join hearts once more


Francois Hermanus Steyn – September 2012