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Soli Deo gloria – VII



Praise the Lord for Light;

for the Stone of hope

for the reality of Your Son

Praise the Lord for Your Blood;

that was shed to reconcile

poured onto a Cross

Praise the Lord for our Church;

for the communion of followers

who bow down at Your feet

Praise the Lord for renewed reality;

that the broken world

will be restored one day

Praise the Lord for relationship;

that we do not journey alone

that we are never alone

Praise the Lord for reconciliation;

that You pursue us

with everlasting joy




Soli Deo gloria – II




When I come to You with prayer:

during hectic times, anxious times or

peaceful times – You listen.

You listen when I am weak

You listen when I falter

You listen when I am praying with joy


Lord, You are my Father and Your ears

are never too busy to hear me

Whether I am seven, seventeen or seventy-one:

You listen to Your child’s prayer

I am overcome with awe that You

would consider my prayer to be meaningful,

even though it might seem trivial.


You care more about the small,

Seemingly insignificant details of life

than I could ever imagine

Praise You Lord, for You

listen to the utterances of a sinner



Camera Fight

These past few weeks were filled with excitement and anticipation as I set on a journey to find a suitable replacement for my old DSLR. The 350D Canon has served me well, since being passed down from the older generation, but the time has come for me to broaden my horizon! Any entry-level DSLR would suffice (my bank is already broken), but the obvious choice lay between Nikon and Canon. Many hours were spent on dpreview.com, weighing options, reading reviews and comparing brands and their models. My dad had switched over to the dark-side a few years ago, and taunted me about wanting to go Canon once more. I had no problem with the brand, for it has served me well in my quests of creativity and exploration. Nikon versus Canon, the fight had begun.

I made my mind up before I reached the painstaking task of comparing prices from the throng of camera shops littered across Gauteng. I want a Canon. And I want it now!

Ironically I found the best prices for digital cameras in a shop in Sandton. Wow. Sandton = cheap? WHAT!? Who would have thought… The shop’s name is Cats digital / Catz digital or something like that. They have an array of products, ranging from tablets to cameras to… To be quite honest, I was wholly fixated on the cameras, so I don’t actually know what the rest of the shop looked like.

Expert advice was given; expert advice was listened to and mulled over, with the constant asthma voice of Darth Father blowing in my ear: “Nikon, my son, Nikon is the chosen path…”

I walked out of the shop, and am now a proud new owner of a Nikon. I was hooked on the better low-light capability and the sound of the shutter lightly flicking down, like a tiny wave of water lapping a rock at the tranquil sea.

 One of the last pictures I have taken with my Canon 350D.