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You wake up and put on the kettle to make that miracle cure to sleepiness that is coffee. Put on the laptop, shower, listen to some pumping tunes to get ‘in the mood’ for the inevitable tiring day, rush to the bus with ipod in pocket, attend class, frequently check twitter, facebook, upload some pics, send some serial bbms that pisses everybody off.

Then you take a minute to lie on the grass between classes; to watch the clouds lethargically shifting in the crystal blue sky. You clear your thoughts; you drown out the cacophony of voices on campus by focussing on those fluffy white clouds…

Then you plug in your ipod and listen to pop / metal / rock / ska because of this and that reason. So many faces pass you: familiar, strange, weird. You read the university paper and notice how random people are. We gossip, we eat lunch in a crowd, we shout to one another.

The day grows older and you walk back home amidst bustling traffic, noticing the tired and stressed faces in cars. Finally you reach your destination, slam the door shut. Al you want to do is relax: so you – put on the music as loud as ever, tweet, facebook!

TIME OUT – I want to be a little Dachshund, running around in a yard chasing butterflies and killing lizards!

Thanks BB for crashing the past week. Now we can get some peace and quiet, and not stare at that blinking red light. But I’m almost pretty sure that people found a way to replace that distracting BlackBerry with something else. People who ‘make lifestyle changes’ more often than not merely replaces one distraction with another one.

People are so busy and so distracted. Do yourself a favour and read a bit about Blaise Pascal and his thoughts. A famous and true thing he says is that “All of man’s misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room.” We seek and find solace in distracted activity; in the fact that we avoid experiencing ourselves.  How do you distract yourself from a rhinoceros in the middle of your room (metaphor for something in your life you want to avoid facing, like a destroyed friendship, failed relationship or divorced parents) – you simply cover the rhinoceros with a million mice (mice = distractions). Go give Pascal a look, really puts some things into perspective!