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This is a picture of an overexposed mother hen, running around with her darling chicks. Father died a premature death and none could see it coming. He was unintentionally startled by the gardener and so his flight mechanism kicked in. He flew over the wall with a shriek and promptly turned into a KFC meal. The Rottweiler let out a burp that made Mother Hen lament her partner’s death for days on end. Alas, the father, promiscuous as ever, left behind a legacy… Five baby chicks were born soon after his death, two as black as the Rottweiler’s coat, and three as grey as a dreary London afternoon.

Now the real trial has begun, as Mother Hen fights valiantly to keep her chicks alive. There are all sorts of danger lurking around, with the most prominent danger being the all-seeing eyes of the ominous owls. Owls with plate-like eyes, unblinking gazes, bobbing heads and claws as sharp as daggers…

Moms and fathers are the best! Although they are sometimes misunderstood, or sometimes misunderstand their children, they only mean well and give so much. They teach us to aim high in life, to respect others, to act with compassion. They pay for our education, buy our clothes and cars. They give an abundance and don’t demand a lot from us (well, maybe a clean room and good grades). If you mess with Mother Hen’s chicks, she’ll try to peck your eyeballs out!! So here’s to all the mothers and fathers, who tirelessly care for us! We, the children, salute you! There is nothing quite like a mother’s embrace.