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Brenton-on-sea is a beach near Knysna that attracts an abundance of paragliders. The natural outcrop of landmass close to the sea creates perfect conditions for paragliders to leisurely drift up and down the shore line with seemingly stable and meek wind currents. I counted nine gliders in this shot.

9 high fliers

On the left edge of the beach there is body of rock that one can climb onto with relative ease. It provides natural protection to the elements and gives a good view of the surrounding sea, beach and gliders.

the castle

It is on this rock ‘castle’ that I came across a pair of birds that started calling wildly as soon as I started my exploration. They did not leave the castle and it quickly dawned on me that they must be protecting their young. Further investigation and furious calls led me to their solitary young chick that was being brought up between a few cracks and crevices. protective parents


Divided Sentiment



A year of divided sentiment.

A mixed journey of ups and downs.

A bittersweet, winding road that had some unexpected twists and turns.

Some dreams and ambitions diverged whilst others converged, but ultimately there was little coalesence.

It is as though this year has built up to a forked road in the next year. 

I will not be overly fond of 2012, yet I feel that this was a significant year that shaped and pummeled and formed both mercilessly and genorously.