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Life as Pool

Life as Pool

I’m going to try a novel thing: writing about a photograph – a photograph of pool; that game played by shady characters in smoky bars for a few bucks, and sometimes played by folks enjoying a beer as they watch their team playing football. In a bar you either play pool or darts, and a drunken dart player is a lot more dangerous than a drunken pool player.

But back to an analogy I’m trying to make between pool and life. Oh, another cliché you might think: analogies of life. Life is like a box of chocolates, blah blah blah. But let’s think about it, sometimes your life can be like a game of pool. Often you are only in control half of the time, and once you master certain things, like a specializing in a certain field in your career, you will have more control (in terms of income and your lifestyle). It is not wise to fight somebody that’s not your own size, especially if they are 7 foot tall, and weighs 200kgs (4% body fat) – most of us start out at the bottom rung.

Every ball you sink is another step on your way to your goal, and the opponent is: time, a colleague competing for the same promotion, or that 65% average you need for being accepted into the honours program.

Also, luck can play a significant role in your life, and the more you play, the ‘luckier’ you become; the more you focus on the important things in life; your family, career and spiritual well-being, the more skill you acquire in order to place that cue ball exactly where you want it, and the greater your chance becomes of actually having a shot at the eight ball. The more knowledge you have of the type of ‘game’ you’re in, the more intuition you will have of when to go for broke or when to just add that subtle touch to your shot, when to snooker your opponent or when to play it safe.

Sometimes placement of your cue ball is better than; sinking a ball but also handing your opponent the match. Sometimes you will have to be patient in order to learn vital life-skills, or to wait for the right moment to pounce on an opportunity. Sometimes you need to be serious in your game (when playing for a thousand bucks or competing for a promotion) and sometimes you need to relax, play pool with a friend and enjoy an ice cold beer.

Life is like a game of pool, you never know if you’ll be solids or stripes.

(Or red or yellow…)