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I was recently introduced to a youtube channel that took my brain for a joyride. Jason Silva produces a web series called “Shots of Awe” and it is basically the injection of inspiration you need amidst the banality of an 8 to 5 life. The series presents thought-provoking ideas and philosophies and it presents the viewer with a challenge – life is lived at the edge of your comfort zone – human beings are addicted to new things – we are drawn to the aesthetic – we have a insatiable hunger for creativity and the artist’s visions. We  must go out, explore and be inspired by the world. You don’t need to live a perfect life, that’s not the point. The point is to revel in the beauty and the inspiration life provides us.


Shots of awe:





For countless moons this bear has hibernated –

Shackled to the granite floor of his mind,

Unable to find a window, an exit, doorknob

A slave to Western avarice and ideology


Sometimes he sees fleeting,

Haunting images of love lost

Of glinting olive eyes

In muted, starless night

Apathy, indifference had frozen artist within

And had tainted clear eyes with paralysis


In testing voyage the bear has slowly learnt

The difference between wasted loneliness

And the invigorating strength

Of liberating solitude –

He now wakes from his slumber,

Ravenous and with boundless thirst


It is time to shake the burden, the cross

To traverse the edge of complacency’s warmth

To destroy himself in order to transcend

And escape the banalities of mundane life


The bear has been roused

To become the philosopher

To become the voyager

To become the artist reborn


Francois Hermanus Steyn – 2014