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4 AM challenge begins! Push-up challenge; achievement unlocked.

I completed my January push-up challenge! #happy

100 push-ups per day for a whole month is totally achievable. Muscles adapt to the exercise regime. I did a total of 3121 push-ups during the month and recorded most of it.

Did I gain a six pack? Hell no!

Did I lose fat? Hell no! I still look like a marshmallow!

BUT, my arms firmed up, my shoulders broadened a bit and my chest firmed up.

My body feels better, and that is all that matters!

I will/have posted the video of my challenge on Youtube (it is currently uploading as I am typing this).


So…. now on to the next challenge: waking up at 4 AM every day. As I am writing this, it is 4:40 AM on the 2nd of February – meaning that this challenge is already paying dividends in terms of me being more productive in my world of creativity.

I will be using the extra time in the morning to focus on the following areas:

  1. Getting ahead of normal work (checking emails, doing work, etc)
  2. Reading and writing for my Master’s mini-dissertation (I have a deadline of 31 Oct 2019, but I might as well complete as much of my mini-dissertation during this challenge)
  3. Doing some spiritual maintenance (reading, praying, etc)
  4. Exercising (weights, push-ups)
  5. CREATIVE WORK!! (idea generation, writing scripts, editing, etc!)

I am definitely most excited for number 5 above.

Let’s see how the 4am challenge goes!