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Happy Holidays


Happy holidays! I hope that everyone has had a very festive December thus far, and that 2012 will hold an abundance of opportunities for you.

A year’s work is done and dusted.

Now it is time to sit back, relax, and watch the fireworks as we saunter into a new year.

Be safe and party your socks off – let’s welcome 2012 with style!

Water and Poison

We have too many distractions in our lives – but that is a discussion I’ll save for another day.

Go on now rats: go run in your hamster wheel and scrape together that sweet nectar that is fame, success and money.

Poisonous Nectar of Life

As water is to all living things

   So is money, success, fame to man

It brings cohesion of its god’s beings

   The sound of coin formulates dark plans:

Soul’s – loneliness, inertia, ultimate death

   Our bones rot to the core, absolute abandon

We dig unfathomable trenches

   As we search for our water

We ignore the jaw that clenches

   Begging us to lay down the mortar

Turn back to your family fool

   What about sons, daughters?

Will you too, throw them to wolves?

   To be ripped by avarice’s magnetism

By this sick fascination with ladders

   Run by wealth’s different schisms

We sate our hunger with poison

   We justify the rat race, deflect criticism

We fuel the capitalistic flame

   With our time, our effort, our kin

Seeking out kings and queens to blame:

   To justify our candy-coated sin

We keep on playing this futile game

   We drown in our hamster wheel’s din

September 2011 – Francois Hermanus Steyn

Double-edged Mobile

Double-edged sword; behold the social media revolution. Now capable of organizing riots in minutes; we don’t need no secret documents, just send a BBM, we’ll bomb stuff. We don’t need no education – money buys instant education – ignorance is bliss. People are infamous for being able to organize. Sometimes the most intricate plans are disguised with a mask of madness or chaos. But still I think that the revolting youth in England was a mere symptom of a deeper, underlying problem in society: the decay of moral values and the degeneracy of religion in the world.

The social media is a very powerful tool: thousands of people can pull together to search for a lost friend, or pull together to torch buildings and spread chaos. On that note – it is quite ironic that the epitome of western civilisation and chivalry and gentry has fallen into such moral decay, where people have millions of rights, but no sense of responsibility. Almost makes South Africa look like a civilised place.

A tool is only as powerful, or moral, as the people who have been given the power to use it. Give weapons to a bunch of monkeys and a world war is sure to ensue… or two… Hail the capitalistic and lawless and amoral and intricate world [sic].

We, the men of the maze

Follow the jagged trail,

through ragged maze

and misty blinding haze

until you die and fail.


These eyes are empty

bowls of endless black

fading from fierce attack,

from direst cruelty.


The mind is a weapon:

the greatest weakness

rendering the heart beat-less

closing the gates of Heaven.


We are naught but rats trapped in a maze

Blindly fighting each other in the misty haze


Written 2008 – Francois Hermanus Steyn

# One

This may seem as the biggest cliché in the blogging-world, but it is true: for it is true for me to say that this is in fact my very first attempt at blogging, and that I am quite excited to join the ‘global village’. Coming from South Africa, the phenomenon of blogging has not ‘boomed’ on our shores, and I do not think it will ‘boom’ soon… For the average South African has more pressing matters at hand. 

I’m excited at the prospect of gathering ideas from across the world, listening to these ideas and pondering about these ideas, and maybe even implementing these ideas in my own life. And on the other hand, I’m excited to offer the world ideas of my own, although it does seem a bit naive to expect that ears will actually listen to these ideas I have, or the things I have to say.

Needless to say, I will be using this small piece of land I have been given to share the small view I have: of the world, of life, of friends, of laughter and of tears. Being an enthusiast of photography (cliché number 2 I guess), I will share some of the scenes I have laid my eyes upon, with you, a distant observer. Not necessarily to spark debate, or to ‘prove a point’, but merely a glimpse of my life, my eyes.

So, here goes… I’m out of the gates.