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Steam Train Trip from Pretoria to Cullinan

I would highly recommend this trip to train enthusiasts or anyone who wishes to explore Pretoria.

Friends of the Rail is a non-profit that organises trips to Cullinan on a monthly basis – check out their online schedule for more info at

The trip lasts the whole day and you have 4 hours to explore Cullinan, check out the mine and have some lunch.

Currently, cost is around R250 pp.

Hope you enjoy the vid!



Karoo Moon | Three Sisters

Over Easter we drove from Jozi to Paarl and stopped over at the Three Sisters for the night – a place which sits on the border of the Northern Cape and Western Cape and is somewhat of a halfway house (albeit a tiny house with half a bedroom with half a shower) between Beaufort West and Colesberg along the N1. Check it out: 31°53’40.4″S 23°05’46.7″E

The Three Sisters are named after three hills that jut out into the sky, each with a similar and distinctly unique shape that sets it apart form the rest of the scenery.  The farm is smack in the middle of the Karoo. The harsh, arid and stony Karoo – perfect for some landscape photography. A part of me wanted to take climb the surrounding landscapes with tent and rucksack.


Below is a picture of me attempting to record a time lapse of the Three Sisters across a body of water during sunset. Needless to say, my compact SLR did a good job and some post editing yielded a nice time lapse #thumbsup.


An excerpt of the farm’s history:


To see the rest of their history (pages 2 through 5), better go visit the farm on your next trip down to the Cape!

Braamfontein Excursion

On a lazy Sunday morning, my Dad and I headed out to Braamfontein in Jozi to check out the scenes of a vibrant and resurgent Braamfontein. We walked around while most of the homeless were still embraced by their makeshift shelters. We visited Constitution hill (unfortunately the exhibits are closed to the public on Sundays for tours). We walked on the threshold of Hillbrow, which was alive and a hive of activity. Graffiti is splattered all over the place, with some hidden gems to be discovered as you venture along the streets.

Newtown will be visited in the near future, that is for certain.










Wondrous Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

On my way to work I spotted the Faerie Glen nature reserve, nestled next to one of the big “streets” of Pretoria. It is almost surreal to walk within this gem of nature, and I like to think of the reserve as an oasis in an otherwise bustling city.

The reserve has three different hiking trails that one can choose from and a few lovely spots like the Weaver’s Nest along the river that leisurely winds through the reserve. With a R5 coin as entrance fee, one can inexpensively spend the whole day exploring the reserve, but just be sure to take a hat, water and some sunscreen as protection against Pretoria’s unforgiving heat.


A bee sticking his face into a lovely purple flower:



Nature in the city:

Pathway 1


There are some lovely scenes you will encounter:

Pathway 2


A variety of plant life will keep the enthusiastic snapper happy:

Purple Flower


Even the lone sunflower makes an appearance:



White flowers:

White Flowers


Sometimes the trail gives way to cool and secluded dens that only gnomes and fairies can dream about:

Tree & Fungi


Weavers’ nests hanging above the cool stream:

Weaver's Nest

Be sure to check out this picturesque gem if you find yourself in Pretoria. A good way to find interesting places to visit in Pretoria is through the city’s website Next on my list is Groenkloof (definitely going to take my mountain bike along for the ride).


Day out at Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay. Crystal clear blue skies. A enchanting light house. A mainly jovial atmosphere. There is much one can do at this little coastal town: boat rides to observe an island populated by seals, sunset cruises with BEER and cocktails in hand, to dining on freshly caught fish at sea’s edge. Go visit the lighthouse, snorkel with baby sharks or just grab a light bite overlooking the port, counting tankers or yachts.

Mossel Bay Light House

We came across a tiny shark shop that contained various items to buy, from shark-tooth necklaces to soft toys of penguins. One can also snorkel with baby (small / tiny / not life threatening) sharks for a R100 – the Shark Shop also offer shots and videos of your experience.


We went to the docks in search of fresh fish to braai and later came across a ‘fish factory’ that provided ‘the best prices to the public’. It is there that I stumbled across a local Afrikaans rapper’s braai sauce in the shop (Jack Parow, HOSJA).

Parow Braaisous, Sexy Korrek, Built to Blêrrie Braai.




Brenton-on-sea is a beach near Knysna that attracts an abundance of paragliders. The natural outcrop of landmass close to the sea creates perfect conditions for paragliders to leisurely drift up and down the shore line with seemingly stable and meek wind currents. I counted nine gliders in this shot.

9 high fliers

On the left edge of the beach there is body of rock that one can climb onto with relative ease. It provides natural protection to the elements and gives a good view of the surrounding sea, beach and gliders.

the castle

It is on this rock ‘castle’ that I came across a pair of birds that started calling wildly as soon as I started my exploration. They did not leave the castle and it quickly dawned on me that they must be protecting their young. Further investigation and furious calls led me to their solitary young chick that was being brought up between a few cracks and crevices. protective parents