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Soli Deo gloria – IX


When the heart is absolutely torn

ripped apart by a hurricane of loss

When spirit falls in mourning

and darkness descends like night


It feels like the soul is empty

drained by heavy strain and pain

Is this really meant to be?

I bite bruised lip in shame


Life will drench us in torrents of rain

Life will pour out its buckets of pain

During the tempest the seed is fed

In the morning, colours of spring is bled


The reminder of our endured passion

Is that we are on eternal mission

Holiness, not happiness our creed;

The mantra of those by salvation freed


Your ways are higher than ours

Your understanding is higher than ours

We are infants trying to understand

what the glorious Creator has planned!


Seek healing in the house of the Lord

and He will envelope You with Love

that will fill your heart, until it bursts





Soli Deo gloria – VIII


When disaster strikes

in our infinitely tiny world;

the loss of love, a broken home

an illness or financial loss.

We must be reminded that

our world is minuscule – a speck of dust


We would be wise to

turn our eyes to You

so that our blindness may

be lifted, our focus shifted:

Disaster is relative.

Disaster is magnified by our:

self-centered, egocentric

idolatry, insincere flattery

Disaster is magnified by our:

instant gratification,

status hungry junky,

like-like dopamine dupe

Disaster is magnified by:

“What is in it for ME?”

and the ultimate lowercase i


When we realise that our lens

is blurred by the short term –

Biased by our finite lifespan on earth.

When we place our lives

on God’s immeasurable scale;

we discover the eternal


on everyday life

and so, our DISASTER


absurd. illogical. silly. irrational.



Soli Deo gloria – IV




You are in the whispers of the wind

In the smile of a loved one

You are in the grains of sands

You are in the constellations overhead

Your creativity and beauty can be found

In the darkest and most forsaken places


Your righteousness can be found in:

The converted heavy metal frontman;

The nun ministering in India;

The beggar who has more wealth than Buffet;

The high school student rejecting peer pressure.


Your righteousness can grow in the driest of deserts –

can flourish with but a drop of hope and faith.




Assignment – Soli Deo gloria – I

Our pastor tasked us with an assignment this week: to write a psalm for every day of the week. It is meant as a form of spiritual reflection or spiritual exercise, if you like. I will be posting my psalms every day, as they fall from my mouth. Psalms of praise. Psalms of gratitude. Psalms of wrestling. Psalms of frustration. Psalms to glorify He who does not break promises. Psalms to reflect on the beauty of the Lord.



Lord, oh Lord!

I shudder at your might

I fall to my knees and

I tremble at your magnificence

For I am not worthy

To even think about

Your radiance glory

In the times I am in darkness

you point out the Light

In the times that I stray

you pull me by the hem

I am but a cub;

seeking your safety

I am but a cub;

held safely in your jaws

In the desolate city

you are the electric signs

that guide me back home

In the emptiness of the world

you are warmth

You make me worthy



Namaqualand | Relationships | Value

I heard a beautiful story about a widower who went to Namaqualand following the death of a lover. The trip of mourning, grief and reflection turned out to be so much more than a farewell, as the trip resulted in love found once more. There are times when we think that we have lost love forever; failed relationships and death are amongst the chains we put on our minds and hearts. But sometimes, these events lead you to Namaqualand, where, once you have found peace, you will be presented a bright yellow Namaqualand flower to carry with you for the rest of your life. Think about it: you will break up with every person you go out with, except for one. And even after death, love is not lost. The story was told out of the perspective of sadness for a relationship that withered and had run its course, and the storyteller joked that a Namaqualand flower is waiting for her. And she is absolutely right – there is a Namaqualand flower waiting for her; and she is the Namaqualand flower that someone else has been waiting for. It is through patiently waiting that we will be presented the perfect flower.

Personally, I believe that everything happens for a reason; that we are placed in certain people’s lives for a reason and that certain people are placed in our lives for a reason. Life is a classroom of continuous learning. Most of us have a yearning to spend our lives adventuring with someone like-minded; and God has chosen a Namaqualand flower for each of us. We just need to wait actively, patiently and with content.

It also made me think about a thing that has pressed on my heart for some time now: the fact that we sometimes fall into the trap of finding our value and worth from external sources. Sometimes we define ourselves either consciously or subconsciously by the things of this world. Many times I feel worthy or valuable only when I perform well and when I am praised for my performance. People crave attention and fame – thinking that being a Hollywood star will add to their value or worth as a person. Other people find their worth and value in money – having more than others automatically make them feel superior. Other people crave power – the ability to control and to manipulate outcomes. Most of these things: performance, money and power, aren’t inherently bad things, but we often try to find our value in these things. There is a risk that performance, money and power is the things that we end up living for.

Another subconscious source of value and worth is the value or worth that we think comes from the partners in our relationships. Ultimately, another person can never increase your value as a person. No external source can provide you with value and worth.

So where does your value and worth come from? Your value and worth was deposited inside you when you were created. God had created you with immense value and worth, worth and value that nobody can ever take away from you or tell you that you don’t have. We were all created in the image of God. Meaning that all of us (white, black, Indian, poor, rich, atheist, Muslim, Christian, all 8 billion humans on earth) have an amazing amount of value that emanates from an internal source. Understanding the source of a person’s value is a game changer and it swings open the doors of grace.

God has chosen the perfect Namaqualand flower just for you, long before you were even born. Our Father knows what we need even before we ask for it.



In grief and sadness
We let go of lovers lost
Lovers taken away,
Lovers who walk away


Time and careful reflection
Will point the direction
To a dusty desert where soon
Wild yellow flowers will bloom


It is in the dry and arid dust
Where your flower shoots
Through earth’s tough crust
Shaking off soul’s dusty soot


In truth, a flower has been chosen
Specially for your hand
Until the ends of your days:
A dual light to find your way


Time and peaceful reflection
Will show the direction
To a dusty desert where soon
Wild yellow flowers
Abundantly will bloom
Providing the gift
Of a pre-ordained lover:
A lover for your soul’s Spring


Bright Light

Fall into His grace.

Even though we are in the Light, it might feel as though the shadows are closing in on us, threatening to envelop and extinguish us. “Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?”

Fall into His grace.


Bright Light

It is in the sharp bright light,

When a shadow falls, it frights

As it obscures my vision

That was once crystal clear

Even a slight dim causes plight

Makes me question sight


I yearn to draw near to the Father

Even when a shadow falls, it frights

I yearn to fix my eyes on the Constant

The Father never wavers

When the shadow falls on my face

The Father responds with grace


My knees are scraped and tender

But I could kneel more

My knuckles are white and tired

But I could pray more

My jaw is tight and numb

But I could praise more


It is in the sharp bright light,

When a shadow falls, it frights

I want to hold on to the light

For this is where there is life

Where idols crumble

And the Cross humbles


May 2016 – Francois Hermanus Steyn