In the middle of 2013 I started my career whilst completing my arduous studies. The amount of time spent on my buttocks memorizing financial formulas was too damn high.

At this moment in time I am riding the currents of the financial world – economics, politics, financial statements, buying high and selling low… This is quite far-removed from the creative escape that blogs, photography and writing provides to those who yearn to let their right brain run wild. But let’s make a commitment to bend our souls to spending more time on that which is truly important. Although paying bills at month’s end is pretty important, so too is feeding your soul, relaxation and reflection.

Let us expand our intellectual, emotional and spiritual horizons, through endless conversations, new experiences and many bottles of beer.

Let us share our ideas with people, and let us listen to other’s ideas.

Let us drink life to the lees – as in Ulysses. We have not been given an infinite time on earth; hence let us experience as much as we can.


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