Building Bridges

I had the privelege and honour to rebuild some bridges in the previous year. It is a hard process to resolve the conflict, but there is a fundamental common denominator which is ultimately rooted in all human beings: to be accepted for who we are, to share relationships and to love. It might sound cliche and people might hide behind tough, seemingly impenetrable walls, but I think that in the end we all yearn for that fellowship. It is difficult to take that step of meekness, to surrender, to confess your wrongdoings, to apologize sincerely, to listen to the one you hurt and to share your own hurts. It took much too long, but I am glad I have done it. We live only once; let us live in love.

“Time only fester hurts.” – The Purpose Driven Life




A fire can rage all it wants

Against a sturdy rock –

It will end in a stalemate.

The passionate stubborn fire

And stolid obstinate rock.


Time does not heal pain and

Resentment only festers,

But in time we become wiser

Until origin is found unfounded

And the hatchet becomes irrelevant


We are made to love and share

To build bridges of granite, steel.

The burnt ashes can be swept

Together: a sad lesson engraved

And tossed to winds like the hatchet


Years have added maturity,

Rid me of foolish notions

Calmed a raging unguided heart

Years have made me colder

Unveiling pure and just agendas


To reconcile is what my heart yearned for,

To lay bare my innate and human faults

To show my heart has been tempered

That my path is no longer naïve

This fire will rage no more


Francois Hermanus Steyn – January 2013


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