War & Arachnids

The eight legged creature with the many eyes staring constantly.

Just as a dull day of studying grinded away, a tiny spider the size of almost a quarter of the Apple logo on my ipod shuffle scurried across my bed. The nimble ‘dwarf’ arachnid could also jump many spider-strides as I tried to gauge its awareness and reaction. I don’t know what kind of spider it is, but it seems placid yet wary. It just sat there on the bed for most of the day, not really doing anything in particular except looking straight ahead (at me?). I managed to get a few shots of the tiny creature and was glad to use my macro lens for the first time in a few weeks.

On a completely unrelated topic my facebook news feed has entertained me quite a lot recently. A innocent status attracted a fury of debate about religion and fireworks and animals (we all know that these three are a bad combination. It is like taking a shot consisting of stroh rum, tequila and absinthe. People will get rowdy, loud and drunk with emotions). At one point there was stated that religion is a major cause of conflict in society (we all know about holy wars and the Crusade and so on), and it got me thinking. The statements and insults flying around in cyberspace only reinforced my opinion that the following human factors are a major cause of conflict in society:

–          Ignorance

–          Stubbornness

–          Intolerance

Most of the people just carried on arguing and emphasizing their point of view and gave reasons why the other persons were wrong. No one really attempted to see through the eyes of the others. It may be that they felt they were on a moral high ground or that they had intellectually superior arguments. All I know is that it was a pointless argument (yet highly entertaining) and would never have taken place if they were tolerant of other people’s opinions. Conceited people are often the catalysts for mudslinging.

Just my 2 cents.


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