Wild Peach Destroyer

It is time for exams again, and thus the procrastination and blogging and taking photos commences at full force. As a student I will do just about anything to avoid my books… Especially when I need to study for Accounting. I nurture a special hatred for the dull subject that basically consists of the tedious  task of balancing BORING financial scales.

Every year at about this time, the larvae of the Garden Acraea (those orange butterflies with the black spots) start to hatch on the leaves of our wild peach tree. We know that in a few weeks’ time it will look as though that tree is in the middle of winter. The larvae completely defoliate the wild peach and then they start to form their chrysalises all over the place. They become pupae on the walls surrounding our house, inside my father’s ‘Wendy house’, on the window panes – basically in every nook and cranny.

I will document (procrastinate) the destruction of our wild peach over the next few weeks as I drag my academic feet through the putrid, rancid and pungent mud that is financial accounting.



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