Crows and Murder

Crows and Murder


Knock on chest

and hear the echo:

the dreamless wander

of broken spirit

Banshee on the hill was

the harbinger, with

bloodcurdling shriek

enveloped in obsidian shroud.

Black crows are mocking me,

crying merciless murder:

you have murdered

Love you fool

you have disturbed

tranquil waters.

Crossroads upon crossroads

littered to four horizons

without compass, frozen.

The warmth is seeping

from weary bones

head in hands, bloodshot,

tired, numb, sodden eyes.


A mere speck of

sand in the hourglass

yet defining: a hammer

smashing and moulding.

Shall I return to peace

will good fortune

ripen and release

will I bathe in sunlight?


Beady eyes laugh and shrug

crows are crying murder


Francois Hermanus Steyn – September 2012


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