A Plea to Silence


A Plea to Silence


It is in the calm breeze of Silence

  that Man can truly purge himself:

devoid of distraction he can delve,

  submit to his unique Fifth Symphony


The cogs of Life turn fervently with

  the zest of an overwhelming idea:

that into a heart it smoulders, sears

  an unbendable set of morals, acts


Hark! The Earth’s burden is doubling,

  the cracks in its foundation widening,

black sky veined with sizzling lightning

  Earth is crying for compos mentis Man


It is in the calm breeze of Silence

  that you can hear Nature truly sing

that you can witness Man’s deadly sting

  and the swollen pains of the World


Abandon your selfish ways young man

  and sit upon a terrace once Babylon,

look at the zenith of bloody sun.

  Is this peace? A blood-stained land?


Fight for Silence, tooth and nail,

  fight for the calming void, the flame

it’s there where troubles are maimed,

  burnt to the extraneous size of a pebble


Without Silence, Man is but a shadow

  to the potential locked in his heart –

the key is found when reflection starts:

  when splintered mirror becomes a puzzle


Francois Hermanus Steyn – January 2012


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