Dung, Cars and a Poem

Lo and behold the mighty dung beetle: soldier and cleaner of the land. These little creatures play a very important part in the ecosystem; being both a cleanser of disease and ingenious entrepreneur! My fascination with these little guys just kept growing as the male beetle rolled his and his wife’s dung ball up a very steep hill. Very romantic.


The following picture is not a miniature model of a street scene, but in fact an illusion that can be created by using the ‘Tilt Shift’ effect in Photoshop Elements. Quite nifty! I have been pushing the boundaries of my imagination with PSE, and am quite keen to create a panorama and photo montage next!


To Clouds!


The healthy wind of change is blowing –

  the young sapling is steadily growing

into the form its Creator deems fit

  vaulting obstacles with unerring wit.

The path the sapling chose is clear: to Clouds!

  The beauty of twin tongues, dousing doubts

with passionate dance and lingering kiss

  across undulating hills to euphoric bliss.


Francois Hermanus Steyn  – January 2012



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