Archipelago of Beauty

The simplistic beauty of the delicate, intricate and deadly spider web.


Archipelago of Beauty


How to define a distinct term

  perceived from countless angles –

How to comprehend beauty:

  distinct, yet mysterious to many?


Numerous islands to explore,

  regard, absorb, experience.

Some islands eclipse others

  like the moon enveloping the sun.

Aestheticism is not the only island

  in the archipelago of beauty.


The chin lifted high during tempests

  eyes level with adversity, oppression.

To rise on broken wings above

  the deadly grip of self-pity.

To strain against shackles:

  A salient island of Beauty.


The giving spirit and compassionate

  heart that stems from empathy

is an island close to paradise.

  Castaways are fortunate to land

upon this island as they die, for

  on the wings of angels they fly.


Shy simplistic symmetry

  is a silent bearer of beauty

The bold and raucous giants

  Reveal their fundamental flaws

of ignorance and reckless vanity

  reducing them to bland banality


It is not only the outward look

  that gives form to the archipelago:

‘tis merely an angle of perception

  fooling hearts with guile: deception


The archipelago of beauty is vast –

  its reign over the world will last.


Francois Hermanus Steyn – 2012


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