Suburban Bliss


Suburban Bliss?



Our neighbours were robbed for the fourth time this year, and the thieves left no stone unturned. They took the car, the brand new plasma television and only left behind a scared family that are now pondering whether they should emigrate from SA.


There must be some hawks in the sky, with their eyes relaying all the information that the robbers need in order to pull off such a robbery. How could they have known that the family would be away for two hours – in the middle of the day? How did they know where to find the car keys? It is all so baffling to me. We have a neighbourhood watch that just did not happen to be present when they were needed most. Hmmm…


And as we build our walls higher, or flock to high security estates, we feed our paranoia and feed our negative feelings toward our country. It is a bad cycle to be caught up in, and gives us all the more reason to be part of the change in our country. We need radical shifts in mindsets if we are to overcome the very apparent obstacles in this country. We need more doers and fewer talkers.  Higher employment equals lower crime. Higher employment equals a better quality of life. We should demand a better education system, and demand lower costs to garnering knowledge. Where are the entrepreneurs who will drag us out of this mess? The time is ripe for people to put up their hands and to enter the spotlight.


Walls of Bliss


is this Your fortification of bliss?

high walls dominated by lightning

draped with wire and warning

inside You feed paranoia to an abyss


false security as You ignore the masses

who die of hunger in hail and rain

bloodshot eyes crying with forlorn pain

but We remain lonesome; solitude in classes


do not open Your doors, remain ignorant

keep Your coin for Yourself and feed Your greed

keep nights cold for others, let them bleed

for they are below You, they are mere infants


You are nothing but fools:

the god of money’s tool

the god of injustice’s stool

You are the god of cruelty


Francois Hermanus Steyn – December 2011


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