Smoke and the Broken Mirror

We all have our addictions; sports, smoking, gambling, writing, dating, working, religion, talking, painting, etcetera. Without ‘addictions’ we would all lose our minds and either become mass-murderers or commit suicide. Addictions are often an outlet of frustration, something we need in order to keep our sanity. I’m not even going to touch on the ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’, because it is all relative. But I would like to think that there are better types of outlets than others. Rather go run a mile than drink your sorrows away: we need to cultivate healthy addictions.


Smoke and the Broken Mirror


Take another sip of wine, blood –

Breathe in the clouds of peace and

Listen to the popping sound

Of soul’s release, its opiate.

The world is torn and bloody

Your own heart broken and shoddy

Careless you stuff the pipe with leaves,

Roll the newspaper – its content grim.

Fire and smoke is your lullaby

Keeping you sane and calm

In this broken mirror of a world

Without the addiction life dead

Without the wine and smoke you die


Without release you are trapped

In a broken mirror of smoke

The exit is not always clearly mapped

Without release you are trapped


Francois Hermanus Steyn – December 2011


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