Behold the Strelitzia Reginae, Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise! I framed the spikes of the flower against the backdrop of our pool and the result was very pleasing! Clear blue and bright orange seems so merry. Summer is upon us in full force (South Africa) – much to the delight of students and other people all over our country: we flock to pools and grab our Frisbees, run around and eat our ice-creams. We continue to study and stress and work our bodies and fingers to the bone, but at least we have a delightful backdrop that can easily unwind our minds and loosen our knotted muscles. Things are so much better, and more tolerable, in spring and summer without the cold and dark winter gripping and plaguing our minds. It’s no wonder that people in less sunny places tend to kick the bucket prematurely; their exit merely reinforcing the echoes of this dark and cutthroat world.

So behold the flowers, and live for the flowers. After winter a new spring will always follow (except if we completely screw over the world), with new opportunities, new life and an abundance of joy.

I just can’t wait for the year to come to an end; to reap the rewards of a hard-fought academic year, to just kick up my feet and relax for hours on end. Worries will fade and we’ll live as humans are supposed to live – free.





Wear your heart like a crown of fire

   In the cold of night, when candles die.

Share your warmth with Life’s pyre

   Give not in, to lethargic sheep’s desire.

You should not mould to foreign tongue

   But be the shape your soul does want.

Be sweet accords from angels’ lung

   And evade devil’s husky hounds’ hunt.

For too long we shackled the flint

   As we sought lost matches; soaked:

We broke down door of forsaken mint,

   Behold! A room in darkness cloaked.

Soft spoken truth is fuel enough

   To illuminate your crown of light,

With plate of peace and sword of love

   To brace us in our darkest fight.

November 2011 – Francois Hermanus Steyn


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