Hadeda Ibis

I’m running on a field that’s fluffy and white as clouds, as happy as a 5-year-old in a candy store with a credit card and who has just come back from a visit to the dentist. It is spring and flowers are in bloom, adding colour to the previous dry and dull landscape. Then, just as I’m about to gorge myself on candyfloss-cloud… a hideous, splitting, abrupt and cackling noise awakes me from my awesome dream!

Stupid Hadada.

I roll over and check the time – it is half past 5. DAMN… Obviously I try to go back to sleep but can’t. Stupid Hadada: always making noise with that beak that’s as long as a sword. I don’t understand why we don’t see more hadadas with broken necks on the ground: a huge beak like that surely MUST get in the way of SOME things. It must be like being Pinocchio with a cussing Tourette syndrome. I would break my nose every moring I woke up, not to mention that I would poke many people in the back of their heads (deliberate or not).   

When I took the photos of the Hadadas, I noticed a few cats stalking around and sure enough, the cat tried his luck. The scene below happened quickly and I almost missed it. Due to a lack of editing software, I barely managed to add the photos together (thank you Paint) and give you a rough chronological depiction of the unfolding battle between Tweetie and Pussycat.

Wish the cat was a lion

The cat stalked the Hadada (barely visible on the little path in the top left) and suddenly charged. The Hadada is quite big and the cat was startled as the bird lept into the air (frame 3). The bird just landed behind the cat nonchalantly, joined his buddy and left the cat skulking away with injured pride.

And personally I think the second Hadada is an asshole for not helping out his buddy or at least allerting him. Hadadas are arrogant jerks!

But nevertheless: Hadada 1 Cat 0.


Happy spring everyone!


Spring’s Birth

Warm curtains of swirls shred the ice

   Bringing water to feed the ravenous earth –

Bounties of butterflies and blankets of blossoms

   Greet this wonderful tranquillity : Spring’s birth


Sheets of barren dust become alive,

   Awakened by the sirens of this novel forgotten

The dyes of the world change to bright neon

   Renewing the pulse of Nature, seemingly rotten


The stale air’s aura becomes electric, anxious

   Promising an abundance of opportunities ripe

Creatures dark come into the warming light

   From the earth all the black and corrupt is wiped


The dawning of a new day

   Armed and ready to stay

Hold your heart in your palm

   Bathing it in sunlight, calm

The ice thaws and melts away

   As you hum to this new day

Look to the crystal skies

   Cleaning you of deceiving lies


On the threshold, Nature is waiting

   To give peace and joy and merriment

To all those mortals in despair :

   Rays cutting through the cold air

Landing on your broken shoulders –

   This is Spring’s birth and promise

To cradle your icy body

   To remind that you’re somebody


Written 2009 – Francois Hermanus Steyn


2 thoughts on “Hadeda Ibis

  1. amazing,

    glad to meet.

    inviting you to join poets rally today, submit a free verse or a poem of your choice, make poetic friends, and get recognized by your peers when you participate two or three rally weeks in a row.

    hope to see you in.

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