The Mighty

The start of the lunar eclipse… taken on 15 June 2011.

People like to moan and complain about many things. About their life, their routines, their job, their country. If you have something on your mind that really irks you, and you want to change it, or improve it; it does not help to just stay passive. Some problems have solutions called ‘initiative’. It is much the same with on-line petitions. Are you really fighting for a cause when you click the LIKE button on a group named ‘The movement of a righteous, moral and just cause’? Or, are you merely sitting on your bum, clicking on random buttons and not actively doing something?

Be the difference.

The Mighty

Today an idle hand

Swayed the thoughts of others;

Those timid followers

Whose time is spent

Leveling the rocky road…

Powerful men die alone

In their oceans of gold,

Although their visions had

Collected the drops one by one

A pledge to loneliness taken

Upon the godforsaken summit

Where they dwell with eagles

Lonely wings beating the sky –

This is the life of the mighty

And the reason the lands

Are kept barren and dry.

The idle hand is needed

To cease the idle mind

Written 2008 – Francois Hermanus Steyn


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