Darts and Sheep

A casual game of darts.

That awful feeling when you just missed the bull’s-eye by millimetres, when you know you are capable of doing something nine times out of ten, but for some inexplicable reason you find yourself on your knees. That feeling when you came crashing down and is slammed face first into the wall named ‘harsh reality’. That is a very dejected and disappointed feeling indeed, but sometimes we need it in order to regain our composure as we continue to pursue our goals in life. Shrug of that dust and keep on keeping on!

But hang on a second; are we even aiming and throwing darts at the right dartboard? Are we completely missing the point of a hidden and deeper meaning of life? Are we sheep, merely stagnating in a comfort zone that we are too scared to climb out of? Are we playing darts with needles – something that ensures that our score will remain zero? Are you complacent to remain a sheep, and to never test and expand your boundaries??!

There are so many dartboards to choose from: pride, joy, greed, peace, lust, love, gluttony, patience, wrath, goodness, envy, kindness, sloth, self-control, fame, goodness, inertia, faithfulness, spiritual enlightenment, liberation… The list is very long indeed, and sometimes we tend to mix them up, or we simply do what other people do; we follow the ‘rules’ of television, MTV, Hollywood, and the laws of gossip magazines.  

We eat poisonous food like ravenous rats.

“Think for yourself, question authority…” – Third Eye (Salival Album), Tool.




We fight with spirit and bone

To sit atop that golden throne:

We strain our muscles, body

Just to be known as ‘Somebody’

But truth be told, we die alone

Vanish – the unanswered phone

We come close but for ever are

Too small, on grey horizon far

At last! Purpose, success, mirth,

The dawn of day – your new birth

Spirit bursts, enlightenment, fire:

Spiritual awakening your desire

Forget that golden, ivory throne

Make vital introspection your home


July 2011 – Francois Hermanus Steyn


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