Capturing Sunlight and Tears

Most of us have that curious, inquisitive streak in us. We want to know, feel, experience. We want to try out new things; novel things, things that have not been done before. We want to go to the moon and play golf there. We can’t stay in one place, we need to keep moving, feel the air blasting past our faces. We want to capture emotions and feelings in boxes and open them up whenever we feel like it: thus the creation of that romantic film that bottles up your emotions, history and memories.

Some feelings simply cannot be explained by words, and we like to have the concrete evidence that they were real.  And thus we have the thousands of photo albums strewn across Facebook and in our own homes.

A picture can tell the story of a journey of a thousand steps.

So get out of your comfort zone, open your eyes, go explore the world around you, laugh and cry, and leave a trail of photos and stories of your life behind for others to see.


This picture I took in our garden, whilst exploring and testing out my macro lens.


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