# One

This may seem as the biggest cliché in the blogging-world, but it is true: for it is true for me to say that this is in fact my very first attempt at blogging, and that I am quite excited to join the ‘global village’. Coming from South Africa, the phenomenon of blogging has not ‘boomed’ on our shores, and I do not think it will ‘boom’ soon… For the average South African has more pressing matters at hand. 

I’m excited at the prospect of gathering ideas from across the world, listening to these ideas and pondering about these ideas, and maybe even implementing these ideas in my own life. And on the other hand, I’m excited to offer the world ideas of my own, although it does seem a bit naive to expect that ears will actually listen to these ideas I have, or the things I have to say.

Needless to say, I will be using this small piece of land I have been given to share the small view I have: of the world, of life, of friends, of laughter and of tears. Being an enthusiast of photography (cliché number 2 I guess), I will share some of the scenes I have laid my eyes upon, with you, a distant observer. Not necessarily to spark debate, or to ‘prove a point’, but merely a glimpse of my life, my eyes.

So, here goes… I’m out of the gates.


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